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Virtual Professional Development Experience

The MASALA Training Philosophy is predicated upon the belief that you “take what you have and create what you want.” 


The MASALA Training Philosophy emphasizes that one must gain a greater understanding of the individual parts of the group, team or organization to be able to direct, maneuver, or leverage them to achieve increased performance from each piece and the collective.

Vanguard Solutions Consulting is excited that you will be  a part of a POWERed Up and Ready to GROW Virtual Professional Development Experience. Our mission is to maximize human performance in teamwork through information, education and training.
We provide Learning Experiences that are different by design.






This POWERed Up Virtual PD Experience Will Feature...


Module 1 

Mission Possible...

Thriving In Times Of Crisis

This session will empower you to have a positive attitude and enthusiastic outlook during challenging times and difficult situations. This type of attitude can catapult catapult you to victory and success despite the obstacles you may face during the turbulent times we are faced with in our country.


Module 2 

Optimal Wellness For Effective Performance

Wellness is not merely the absence of illness or distress, it is striving for positive physical, mental and social well-being. It is a lifelong process of making decisions that support a more balanced life to maximize your potential.  The goal of this module is for each attendee to move closer to obtaining "Optimal Wellness." 


Module 3 

What's Your FLAVA? Effective Communication & Team Building 

There are more than 7 billion people on the 

planet, with different Feelings, Likes, Attitudes, Values and Actions or "FLAVAs". These personality differences make communicating 

effectively a challenge. The What's Your FLAVA? system can help address these challenges and create a more effective workplace.

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