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“Take What You Have...Create What You Want.”

MASALA Training & Development Corporate Mission:

To maximize human performance in teamwork through information, education and training.

Our Training Services

Our Servuces
What's Your FLAVA? 

If you can understand your FLAVA, you can understand your personality, your work style and the FLAVAs of your family,

 friends, employees and teams. Yes, people have FLAVAs! But, so do tasks, teams and entire organizations. 

Educational Experts on Tour

VSC provides custom professional development training seminars for schools and districts across the country. The seminars are held at various locations and times throughout the year. Individuals or groups have the opportunity to register for these one day Professional Development Seminars.

VSC Mental Health 

VSC is commited to positively impacting the mental health and wellness of adults and youth all acrosss America. Our certified professionals have tranied thousands of individuals across the country in Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid. 

How is MASALA Training Different?

We provide Learning Experiences that utilize a dynamic-engagement methodology called

Power UP.

Our sessions are Different by Design and are:


• Purpose-Driven

• Organizationally-Focused

• Win-Win-Win Based

• Engaging & Energetic

• Results-Oriented & Fun!


But, don’t let the FUN fool you because the Experiences are also FUNctional.


MASALA Training & Development Corporate Philosophy:

In Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine, there are a few basic spices. A chef’s prowess is determined by how well

she or he is able to blend those basic spices into virtually unlimited combinations. So, the term “masala”,

refers to the ability to take spices and blend them artfully.

The MASALA Training Philosophy is predicated upon the belief that you “take what you have and create what

you want.” This not only applies to business situations, but also to our personal lives and

relationships. MASALA Learning Experiences are designed to teach you how to artfully blend your current

human “spices” into the combinations of employees and teams that you truly want and need to achieve your

mission-critical goals. Thereby, taking what you have and creating what you want!

We believe that through enlightened knowledge and elevated understanding, your current resources can be

coordinated in such a way that those same resources can produce improved production, outcomes and results

without significant changes to the operating environment or the resources.

The MASALA Training Philosophy emphasizes that one must gain a greater understanding of the individual

parts of the group, team or organization to be able to direct, maneuver, or leverage them to achieve increased

performance from each piece and the collective. Through the avenue of communication, we can more

effectively engage people, connect with them, and move them along a continuum that allows for more

productive results.

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