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Speakers & Topics

During the conferences, VSC Educational Experts will present dynamic, interactive, educational, and inspirational messages that will motivate educators toward enhanced excellence. They will also conduct engaging break out sessions based on their areas of expertise in education and empowerment. 

Introducing Our Conference Keynote Speaker, Merlyna "SHEro" Valentine 


As a well-respected educator for over thirty years, Merlyna Valentine received numerous awards as a teacher, principal, and executive director in a highly successful school district. 


Against overwhelming odds, Merlyna Valentine overcame a medical tragedy and thrives in her new life. Her powerful story of perseverance, courage, and hope was featured on the Today Show and in Ebony magazine.


Merlyna's message is sure to leave an indelible mark on the lives of all educators that experience her presentation.


In addition to her keynote presentation, Merlyna will work in small groups with school leaders assisting them develop plans and workable strategies that will equip them with the essential skills to build successful schools where teachers and students excel. 

Take A Sneak Peek At Our Featured Educational Experts 



Roxy Hall, VSC's VP of Marketing,  has been motivating teams across the country into action for over twenty years. She infuses high energy, real world experiences, and impacting communication skills together to positively impact teams.


During the conference, Roxy will facilitate interactive team building activities designed to foster effective communication between students, staff, and administrators.



Shawn Hurt has been a Turnaround Specialist since 2010, positively impacting schools all across the country.


During the conference, he will lead teams in data mining sessions using his data analysis model that is designed to help schools increase their average growth in math and reading by 2.0 years. Schools will have the opportunity to analyze and plan using their individual data.



For the first time in the history of the US, children of color are the majority of the public school population. Sweeping political and economic factors make greater cultural competency and equity a necessity.

During the conference, Dr. Oliver will provide insights and tools that offers solutions for equity and accountability in curriculum content, delivery of instruction and leadership practices in the midst of increasing diversity.

Featured Experts For Early Childhood/VPK Sessions



Reading & Math Strategies

Dr. Stephanie R. Pasley is respected as an international educational consultant and author.  


During the conference, 

Dr. Pasley will showcase her innovative reading and math curriculum that is used in districts across the country, as well as, work with groups of elementary teachers to help them develop effective lesson plans to help students excel.



Best Practices

Rita Brown is the founder of Brownsville Preparatory Institute, LLC. Students graduate her program as fluent readers.


During the conference, Mrs. Brown will share strategies with early childhood educators and leaders. Educators will receive some of Brownsville's tips, tricks, and best practices, to building a successful and engaging early childhood classroom.



Classroom Management

Dr. Hardrick is a highly motivated, goal-oriented educator with over 25 years in the field of education.  

During the conference, she will provide educators from early childhood to high school with strategies and techniques that will facilitate effective classroom management. She will also share tools that will increase parental engagement and participation


What's Your FLAVA? Team Building Session

Every aspect of this conference is crafted to build effective teams of educators who will work collectively to make a positive impact on the education of the young people in your schools. 


What's Your FLAVA? Personality & Communication System Workshop

Much of the success of an academic institution depends upon communication, not only inside the classroom between teacher and student, but also throughout the entire campus. A student's day begins with the first interaction - be it with a bus driver or school secretary and continues throughout the day and into the surrounding community. Understanding the FLAVAs of everyone in your educational community will have an instant positive change and improve the overall educational process.


Once you know your personality or FLAVA® and are able to recognize the FLAVA® of others, that critical   information can be applied to your communications within every practical, daily activity and relationship. The What's Your FLAVA? ®,  Communication System goes far beyond the scope of many of the previous personality indicators.   


During this session, we will cover the following topics using an informational, dynamic, and effective approach:


1. Identifying & Understanding Your FLAVA (Each participant will receive digital assessment prior to training.)

2. Interactive team building activities that showcase the FLAVAS at work

3. Developing effective communication and leadership skills through understanding the FLAVAS

4. Understanding FLAVAS in relationships


This session is sure to make a positive impact on each individual and team that is a part of the conference!

This POWERed Up Conference is Designed To Make A Positive Impact On Your Team

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